A breastfeeding woman and baby, mom looking at baby on her breast.
Picture: Janaina


Some thoughts about having babies, becoming parents and how I can support you during these exciting times:


Conception, pregnancy, birth, baby- and parenthood are immense acts of creatitivity, great adventures, an amazing journey! I can help parents understand how they can actively create this journey in the way they wish.


To know what you want to choose, you need to be informed about the choices available. My role is to provide information and point you towards further information that could be helpful such as books, films, websites...


Acting based on available information is not the only legitimate way to take decisions, though. Many people have found that their intuition guides them well. So I am equally here to support you in following your intuition and trusting your innate wisdom.


Conception, pregnancy, birth and the post partum period are natural processes that usually work well. My role here is to reassure you and accompany you along this normal, yet very special part of your life path.  


Should any complications arise, I will help you to notice them as early as possible, to look at them from a holistic perspective and to help you decide how you want to deal with them. We can look at them from an energetic point of view to find out where they are truly coming from. Depending on what it is, I can recommend natural methods for relief such as e.g. a change of diet, herbs or exercises. Or I might suggest that you or your baby see a practitioner such as e.g. an osteopath or physician or even go to hospital.


My focus is always on the mother, the baby and the family. The important questions are not: "What time is it? How many days is she overdue? How many hours has she been in labour?" We are humans, not machines. Some of us are faster, others slower, for some of us pregnancy and birth are easy and pleasurable, whereas for others they are a much harder challenge. We do differ. The most important question is always: "Are mother and baby well?" 


The only person who can ultimately decide what is right for you and your baby is you! Whatever you decide, I am here to support you with respect, care and love. 


A happy baby, havng fallen asleep at the breast.
Picture: Vânia Tavares