My services for self-determined pregnant women, freebirthers and young families


I offer you telephone and online counselling as a birthkeeper to accompany, advise and support you on your path throughout pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.


I am happy and willing to help families who wish for an unattended birth, also known as a freebirth. 


You can choose one of the following packages or let me know about your individual wishes.


Initial consultation


At the beginning of our possible work together we have an initial consultation, a detailed conversation in which we have the opportunity to get to know each other and see if we want to work together. I make sure there is time enough for you to ask all your questions and the initial conversation often lasts over an hour. In this conversation you tell me about your situation, your needs and wishes and we analyze and discuss what could be good options for you around pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.


It is very important to me that this conversation is open-ended. For example, I will never try to convince you that you should work with me. I will rather try to show you the different possibilities I see for you. 


I have contacts with several midwives, doulas and birthkeepers in different countries and can put you in touch with them. Also with travelling midwives, doulas, birth attendants. Sometimes I travel to a homebirth myself.



Pregnancy Package


I accompany you throughout your pregnancy, answer your questions, and support you during personal conversations. You will receive individually tailored information and I will help you to get to the point where you feel well prepared for the upcoming birth and new life as a parent.


Frequent topics of conversation include:

  • pre-natal examinations
  • pregnancy ailments and how to treat them 
  • transforming fears
  • nutritional counselling
  • discussing birth preparation options
  • signs of approaching birth
  • how to make labour and birth as pleasant, safe and enjoyable as possible 
  • the process of birth
  • birth positions
  • water birth 
  • VBAC
  • place of birth (home birth, birth centre, hospital)
  • different birth companions (midwives, doctors, doulas...)
  • unattended birth and, if desired, preparation for it
  • breastfeeding
  • newborn screening
  • anti-D
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin D
  • if desired, energy work

Postpartum Package


I help you during pregnancy to prepare for the postpartum period. In the postpartum period, I am available for all your questions, with good availability, initially in daily conversations, then as needed. 


Frequent topics of conversation include:

  • well-being of mum and baby
  • breastfeeding
  • baby's behaviour, development, temperature and skin colour
  • baby's excretions (urine and bowel movements)
  • healing of the umbilical cord
  •  involution of the uterus
  • post partum bleeding
  • healing of birth injuries such as a perineal tear, episiotomy or caesarean section
  • newborn screening
  • anti-D
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin D
  • if desired, energy work

Full Package


Very suitable for freebirthers!

Includes both the the pregnancy package and the postpartum package plus being on call for you for the birth plus birth support by phone or online. 


The full package includes everything that is included in the pregnancy and post partum package and in addition I am on call for you from 37 weeks of pregnancy. During labour and birth I am available by phone for all your questions and for support and accompaniment. 


Frequently asked questions during labour, birth include:

  • start of labour
  • rupture of membranes
  • contractions, their pattern, frequency and intensity
  • ideas to help with labour
  • the course of the birth
  • any interventions/medical help that may be needed
  • well-being of the mother and the baby in the womb

After the birth of the baby common questions include:

  • baby's well-being, condition, behaviour, colour, breathing, temperature
  • mother's well-being, condition, bleeding
  • any birth injuries
  • birth of the placenta 
  • completeness of the placenta
  • any interventions/medical help needed
  • initiating breastfeeding


Initial consultation: 70 Euro 

Individual consultation: per hour 70 Euro

Pregnancy package: 777 Euro

Postpartum package: 777 Euro

Complete package (pregnancy package + postpartum package + being on-call for your birth + birth support by phone or online: 2222 Euro


Please understand the cited costs in the context of a gift economy as a proposal for a gift that you give to me in return for the gift of my time and expertise that I give to you. Some may give more, some may give less and that is ok. Money or lack of money should not mean we can't do something we really, really want to do. So just talk to me openly, including about the subject of money.


Pictures on this page: 

Alia Ciobanu, pregnant 

Janaina with Gaia and Lidita in the post partum period 

Erin West with family after their water freebirth