Energy Work


Energy work is a very good way to better understand and support the processes of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. If problems arise, it is often a very good help, alone or in combination with other measures. But what does energy work actually mean? I will explain it briefly here:


Energy work is about identifying and solving the underlying energetic causes of a problem. Solving a problem happens in cooperation with the Source-Of-All-That-Is. The Source-Of-All-That-Is is also known as God, Goddess, Creator, Prime Power and refers to the original source out of which arises all that is. This also includes you and me. In order to be able to transform problems of any kind (e.g. physical, mental, recurring patterns, fears, etc.), the way in Energy Work often is to first understand what causes them. These underlying reasons can be of various kinds and can be found, for example, in this life, in previous lives of the soul, in programmes that the Source gave to the soul, in general structures of Creation, etc.


In order to recognise the causes, one uses a trained perception. One of the most important preconditions to be able to do Energy Work is to constantly work on oneself in order to clarify oneself more and more. Or to put it more casually: one has to work on one's "stuff" all the time. The big frame of Energy Work, as I understand it, consists in overcoming polarity. This refers to the sphere of experience we live in, with opposites like light and dark, man and woman, good and evil, cold and hot, and so on. I do not see it as possible to win against the dark in fight. Rather, I see the solution in transforming the dark and allowing the transformed dark to merge with the light. A new light comes out of this, which carries the previous darkness as a transformed consciousness in itself. This new kind of light I perceive to be of a golden colour, which is why I speak of the New Golden Age that I am working to bring about, together with so many other esteemed light workers. Since you are reading this, you are probably one of them, too! Hello sister, hello brother!