Storch im Anflug
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It is well-known by now that it is not the stork who brings the babies. Yet, there is a lot that is still unknown about birth, such as what are the best, most comfortable and safe ways of having a baby? Of course, it depends a lot on the mother, the baby and the circumstances. 


Giving birth at home can be a wonderful option. The peace and comfort of one's own home can be a wonderful place to relax, let go, give birth and have an undisturbed safe experience and a very private welcome for baby.

Midwives and Birthkeepers


Most families choose to have a midwife guarding the process of homebirth. There is also an increasing number of families choosing to have the support of a knowlegeable birthkeeper or similarly called wise woman who is not part of the healthcare system imposed by the state and the pharmaceutical industry and therefore free of the state-imposed rules. She only follows her own conscience and the wishes of the self-determined, self-responsible family. After many years as an officially registered midwife, I have chosen this latter path.


Erin freebirthed at home with her family. (Picture: Erin West)
Erin freebirthed at home with her family. (Picture: Erin West)

Free Birth / Unattended Birth

There is also a growing number of families considering so-called freebirthing, where they have the baby on their own at home. 


If you choose to have an unattended birth, I can help you prepare for that and if you so choose, also be on call for you for questions that might occur during labour and birth and afterwards.


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