A Warm Welcome at the Birthkeeper's!

A woman giving birth in a birth pool. Her husband and I are with her.
Picture: Magen Roberts

A birthkeeper for self-determined families


I am a trained midwife who now works as a birthkeeper, mostly online and by phone.


I offer holistic counselling, guidance and support for self-determined, self-responsible women, couples and families throughout pregnancy, birth and the post partum period.


I am happy to help women and couples wishing for an unattended birth to help prepare for it. I can also be on call for them for telephone support and queries during the birth.


The tools that I employ to be of service to you is my training and experience of many years as a homebirth midwife, my vast knowledge in the field of holistic health, my connection to the Source-of-all-that-is, intuition, energy work, nutrition counselling, herbs, and mindful, conscious conversations. 


More about me here.

More about the services I am offering to you here.

An initial conversation is free of cost. Get in touch here


On this website you will also find a blog with lots of useful information about childbearing, pregnancy, birth, family life and health, which I provide for free and which I expand continuously. Sharing knowledge is one of my passions, because knowledge is power and I am convinced that the power over yourself belongs in your own hands.


If you are curious what I'm busy with at the moment, when I am not supporting pregnant women and families: I am currently working on the realisation of my dream, a village where one can live, learn, laugh and simply be in a self-determined and self-responsible, joyful, loving, beloved, caring and cared-for way. A place that is good for all of us and especially for our children. A place where women and families can also come to give birth and if they want, live there for a while before and afterwards. A place full of freedom, love and laughter.


Feel free to have a look around on this website and blog, to call or write.


I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Nina Rinkes