Holistic Care and Counselling in Pregnancy -

Specializing in Prevention and Empowerment

Bild: Miriam Seibel
Bild: Miriam Seibel

Friederike towards the end of her pregnancy, at a prenatal visit in the comfort of her own home.


Actually, what's special about the pregnancy service that I offer?  


As a birthkeeper and wise woman, I can help you bring your wishes, dreams and plans to life and support you in having a beautiful, self-determined and safe experience of the processes of pregnancy and birth. If you are not sure yet of what your wishes and plans might be, I can help you find out. Should any difficulties occur, I can support you through them, and I will rejoice with you when your plans, dreams and wishes come true!


Daddy-to-be borrowed my pinard at a prenatal visit to listen to his child's heartbeat.
Picture: Miriam Seibel

Daddy-to-be listening to his child's heartbeat.

Pregnancy - A Natural Process

 I see pregnancy as a natural process. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, becoming aware of and releasing fears, building and strengthening trust and intuition and knowledge of the natural processes can help to avoid pregnancy problems and unnecessary interventions and support a normal, healthy course of pregnancy and birth.


DIY Prenatal Care

If you like, I can teach you how to conduct your own prenatal care and how to interpret the results.


Birth Preparation

A good preparation is half the birth. Want to know what really helps to make birth an enjoyable, good, safe experience for the baby, the mother, father and the whole family? Let's talk about it.


Preparation for Free/Unattended Birth

Considering an Unattended Birth? I can help you determine whether it could be a good option for you and if you decide it's what you want, I can help you prepare for it. Anything from learning about the process of birth, overcoming fears, what to do in a variety of cases to a list of things that might come in handy - let's explore this topic!


Pregnancy Problems

 If deviations from the normal do occur during pregnancy, they can often be noticed and averted at an early stage. Attentive, respectful support from an experienced, trusted person can be helpful.


I have gained this experience in my many years of working as a home birth midwife and am now happy to make it available to YOU as a woman or YOU as a couple and family, completely independent of state health care systems and their rules. I offer online, telephone or, if possible, also face-to-face consultations. 


If I think it is necessary, I would of course recommend that you see a local midwife, gynaecologist or clinic.


Everything you choose to do or not to do, is YOUR own decision. And responsibility. 


To resolve pregnancy symptoms that may arise, such as nausea, sciatic pain, water retention, heartburn, constipation, vaginal thrush, urinary tract infections etc., I recommend methods that are as natural as possible, adapted to your preferences and individual circumstances. Methods I recommend and use are conversations, during which women often find out themselves what the real causes of their problems are and how they can fix them, nutritional counselling, herbs and other plants, essential oils, energetic work and so on.


I specialise in prevention of and support for pre-eclampsia (also known as toxemia, gestosis, pregnancy-induced hypertension), premature birth/early labour, small-for-gestational-age babies and gestational diabetes, among others. I support women who had these problems in a previous pregnancy or currently have them and have achieved very good results. 


You can find out more about the services I offer here