My services for self-determined women and couples with a desire to conceive and have children


I am happy to advise women and couples who would like to conceive their desired child. We can talk about various ideas, options, methods that you can use in a self-determined way. At the beginning we take a detailed history, which really holistically looks at your previous and current health and life in general, your experiences, thoughts, feelings. Then we discuss what could help in your individual case to have the best possible chance of a successful conception, a good pregnancy and a beautiful birth of a healthy child. A wide variety of methods can be discussed and applied, such as nutrition, dietary supplements, lifestyle, exercise, detoxification, avoidance of various types of radiation and electrosmog, energetic work, certain herbs, vaginal steam baths and more.



Individual consultations: 70 Euro per hour as you can.

For a detailed general and medical history and an initial consultation I charge 180 Euros or as you can.