Here is Nikki on her way to Nuremberg with Tristan on the train. Tristan is having the healthiest possible snack for a baby: his mom's breastmilk! Breastfeeding is one of the most important things you can do to ensure best possible health and well-being for your baby.


Picture: Magen Roberts
Picture: Magen Roberts


Mom Magen and son Bennett. The smile says it all! Bennett knows what is good for him! 


Picture: Christina Casha Moody
Picture: Christina Casha Moody


Christina and daughter Charlotte. Breastfeeding does not have to end at an arbitrary point of time. Not only babies benefit from breastfeeding. Giving one's child the best food there is can be a good idea also beyond the first, second and even third birthday. The longest I have personally breastfed a child was up to her fourth birthday. She just didn't want to stop breastfeeding. I made her stop at the eve of her fourth birthday and she was not amused. I have a friend who grew up in a very remote and rural part of Cameroon. He once told me the story of how, when he was seven years old, he was aloud to drink from his mom's breast for the last time before his uncle took him to the capital to attend school there. It apparently did him no harm to have breastfed so long, quite the opposite. He later received a phd from a famous university and became a professor. Similarly, I have heard that in Mongolia it is assumed that a boy cannot become a good wrestler if he has not breastfed for a minimum of five years...


Breastfeeding films


From newborns to toddlers, from twins and premature babies to even adopted children, breastfeeding is the most natural and healthy way we can feed our babies while giving them lots of physical contact and love. If you want to see and learn more, I highly recommend:


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